Welcome to Sleepbox

Sleepbox 3D Interior 1

We are excited to introduce you to our new vision for the future.

At Sleepbox, we imagine a world where creative, collaborative, and self-driven individuals discover their full potential by integrating work, life, and creative experiences. We know that by removing boundaries we all explore our potential to actualize our health, happiness, and creativity. By integrating a wealth of experiences, we empower personal development by growing toward the best versions of ourselves.

We have developed Sleepbox to facilitate everyone working and living at their peak levels. We achieve success by increasing the degree and quality of work-life integration, and by providing the flexibility to find the dynamic balance in our daily lives.

Sleepbox facilitates easy and expansive travel by providing any traveler access to the most remote or desired locations. Convenience and ease of use allow you to recharge in your Sleepbox, then step right back into the center of attention.

We empower local entrepreneurs to expand their business or actualize their vision by offering low entry costs for establishing new Sleepbox franchises. Our flexible licensing plans also allow for existing business operators to grow their capabilities.